Thanksgiving on the Great Sacandaga (Courtesy of Jennifer Blanchet)


The Great Sacandaga Lake Association is a membership organization for people who reside, work, recreate and care about the Great Sacandaga Lake region.  It is governed by a Board of Directors who are committed to improving life on the Great Sacandaga and the surrounding lake communities.  The Board thanks all members for their support.

You should join the Great Sacandaga Lake Association if you want to:

(1) be part of an organization that cares deeply and works diligently to safeguard the Great Sacandaga area;

(2) have representation on the Great Sacandaga Lake Advisory Council;

(3) express your unique ideas and concerns through meetings and website input;

(4) help ensure safer recreation through GSLA's boater safety initiatives;

(5) stay up-to-date on lake issues;

(6) work with others concerned about water quality and lake level; and

(7) become active in community concerns.

The Association is funded solely by membership dues.  Members are encouraged to voice their opinions through contact with the GSLA and at meetings of the Board which are held on the second Thursday of each month from April through November in the Bradt Building in Northville, N.Y.  The GSLA can be contacted through our email address: 

The Association is a contributing member of the lake community through its annual citizenship awards to lake community graduating high school seniors, FREE NYS Safe Boater classes and contributions to local initiatives including the alcohol-free school prom activities, fish stocking and cultural centers.  The Association participates in Hudson River-Black River Regulating District meetings and provides information to members through the GSLA e-burst system and through use of the local media including the Edinburgnewsletter and the Sacandaga Express.  The GSLA is proud to act as an umbrella organization for other lake groups and a leader in the lake community.

Annual membership for individuals is $15, membership for families is $25.  Other levels of membership are available at the business ($50), supporting ($50) or contributing ($100) levels. 

The Association looks forward to your membership.  See our BROCHURE for more information.


Please submit REQUESTS FOR INFORMATION OTHER THAN MEMBERSHIP using the form below.  MEMBERSHIP REQUESTS can be submitted using the form found under the 'MEMBER PROCESS' tab on the website or by clicking MEMBER.