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The Great Sacandaga Lake Association is a member supported organization on the Great Sacandaga Lake in the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains in New York State.  Membership is open to people who work, recreate, visit or live on the Great Sacandaga. If you love the lake and want to preserve its beauty..... JOIN the Great Sacandaga Lake Association today! Membership is simple using PAYPAL. GSLA members are eligible to receive FREE NYS Boating Safety classes.  An entire family may receive the approximately $55 course per individual fee for the price of a $25 family membership!  __________________________________________________________________________________

Check the LATEST  NEWS AND ANNOUNCEMENTS on the Great Sacandaga.***Effective April 28, 2014, the Great Sacandaga will provide PayPal as a payment option for membership dues and program donations.  The payment option is open for NEW members as well as those members who are current membership.  ***  See MEMBER PROCESS for additional information.


GSLA WATER LEVEL COMMITTEE HIGH WATER REPORT (HIGH WATER POTENTIAL):  Dave Smail, GSLA Vice-President and Chair of the GSLA Water Level Committee has issued a warning concerning potential high water conditions on the Great Sacandaga.  The report is filed under GSLA REPORTS.

UPCOMING DATES ON THE LAKE: The Great Sacandaga is a busy place during the summer.  Might want to mark a few of these dates on your calendar! (1) June 20, 2015 - The 2015 Great Sacandaga Challenge Triathlon - the organizers indicate that it is a family event which will introduce "... new people (young and old) to the sport of triathlon ..."; (2) June 20, 2015 - Great Sacandaga Lake Fisheries Federation 24th Annual Summer Fishing Contest an entry fee is charged for an adult but " ...children 12 and under FREE with participating adult ..."(3) July 4, 2015 - Dusk Fireworks Display - Lanzi's on the Lake Restaurant and Marina; (4) July 12, 2015 - Sacandaga Protection Committee 4th Annual Benefit  Lanzi's on the Lake Restaurant and Marina.

GSLA WATER LEVEL COMMITTEE ISSUES REPORT:  Dave SmailGSLA Vice-President and Chair of the Water Level Committee explains 'Where Did All the Water Go?'.  See WATER LEVEL REPORT

STATE INTRODUCES ONLINE BOATER SAFETY OPTION:  New York State has announced an online boater safety option.  See  BOATER SAFETY for more information.

BOATER SAFETY CLASSES - 2015 - Members will shortly receive an e-burst announcing the availability of FREE boater safety classes!

POSSIBLE INCREASE OF LAKE ACCESS PERMIT FEES AND COURT DECISIONS IN FAVOR OF DISTRICT:  The Regulating District received the findings of the latest audit and theDistrict also received the results of two court decisions. The decisions and comments in the Sacandaga Express on the State audit are as links available on GSLA REPORTS. 

LATEST 'MEMBERSHIP ONLY' GSLA E-BURST SENT:  The latest e-burst was sent to members on 11/11/14.  Happy Veterans Day!  Please distribute the attached boater safety information to friends, neighbors and family. 

GSLA BOARD APPROVES BOATER SAFETY BROCHURE:  The GSLA Board approved a new boater safety brochure to post on this website.  The brochure provides basic boater safety and lake information which can be shared with friends, neighbors and family to help make boating safer on the Great Sacandaga. See BOATER SAFETY.

DRAFT 2014 OPEN SPACE CONSERVATION PLAN:  The Department of Environmental Conservation has issued a copy of the Draft 2014 Open Space Conservation Plan for review and comment.  A copy of the instructions for comment as well as a copy of the draft plan may be found at DRAFT 2014 PLAN.

DELAY IN ISSUANCE OF PERMANENT BOATER SAFETY CERTIFICATES:  New York State issued an announcement to law enforcement agencies in New York State regarding the issuance of permanent boater safety certificates.  The Great Sacandaga Lake Association received the notice as we operate an approved boater safety program through our partners, NAV-ED Services Group.  The text appears on our BOATER SAFETY tab.

NEW GSLA BOARD INSTALLED: The Great Sacandaga Lake Association Board members and officers for 2015 were installed on October 10, 2014.  Plans are being made for the next boating season and beyond.

THANK YOU FOR ATTENDING THE ANNUAL GSLA MEMBERSHIP MEETING!  The GSLA had a tremendous meeting with representatives from the NYS Police Marine Unit, Sacandaga Protection Committee and the Hudson River-Black River Regulating District.  Hope to see more members next year!


SACANDAGA EXPRESS ARTICLE ON BOAT NOISE AND SPEED:  Our friends at the SACANDAGA EXPRESS provided us with a comprehensive article on boat noise, speed and regulations on the lake.  It is worth a read!  See SACANDAGA EXPRESS.

SENATOR FARLEY PROVIDES TIPS ON LYME DISEASE:  Senator Farley has provided a comprehensive brochure:  Know the Facts About Lyme Disease and Other Tick-Borne Illnesses.  Take a look and keep a copy of the pdf file.  Thank you, Senator Farley.

NO LICENSE FISHING:  The Governor announced a 'no license' fishing event on June 28-29, 2014.  The initiative provides open fishing on 7,500 lakes and 50,000 miles of streams in New York State.  See PRESS RELEASE. Enjoy!

NYS Boating Safety Class Update:  The 2014 Boater Safety Class registration has been closed.  The last two sessions on June 28 and July 12 have met their limits.  Thank you for your support of the GSLA.  A BIG THANKS to all new members of the GSLA.  We hope that they continue to support the Association so that we can continue to provide our boater safety course initiative.

DEC ISSUES NEW REGULATIONS TO COMBAT INVASIVE SPECIES:  The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation issued new regulations on boat cleaning effective immediately.  This regulation was enacted to combat the influx of invasive species into lakes in New York State.   See BOATER SAFETY for a link to DEC.

NYS Boating Safety Class Update: The June 7 class was completed on Saturday with total success!  The next class will be held in the Town of Day on June 28 followed by the last class in the Town of Mayfield on July 12.  Reserve early!

COMMUNITY COLLABORATION COUNCIL FORMED IN NORTHVILLE:  "Four non-profit organizations have banded together for the purpose of promoting community development in Northville, N.Y.  The four organizations are the Northville Merchants Association (NMA), the Sacandaga Valley Arts Network (SVAN), the Sacandaga Task Force for Senior Living (STFSL) and the Northville Rotary Club."  Contact Janet Meuwissen at for further information.

NYS Boating Safety Class Update:  The June 7, 2014 boater safety class registration is now closed.  Please reserve for other sessions.  Members who have indicated that they are interested in this class will be notified if anyone on the reserved list, cancels. 

PROPOSED LEGISLATION TO ABOLISH THE HUDSON RIVER-BLACK RIVER REGULATING DISTRICT: A copy of the proposed legislation can be accessed below.  The proposal appears to transfer all functions to the Power Authority of the State of New York with the exception that it specifically states that 'No county within the Hudson River-Black River Regulating District shall be liable to such regulating district for any tax payments, fees, charges and/or assessments.' (Section 6)  See PROPOSED LEGISLATION.

Sacandaga Protection Committee Releases Comments on TIMES UNION Editorial:  The SPC comment reviews the editorial from the TIMES UNION.  See COMMENT.

NYS Boating Safety Class Update:  The June 7, 2014 session for FREE boater safety is rapidly reaching its limit of 20!  Thank you for the support from members and those who have recently joined!

GSLA Sends e-burst to Members Concerning Editorial in TIMES UNION:  Members were provided access to the editorial in the TIMES UNION as well as a response from the Sacandaga Protection Committee regarding the proposed legislation to abolish the Hudson River-Black River Regulating District.  Join the GSLA for updates on this important issue.  More to follow.  Let's understand the issue!

TIMES UNION Article on Abolishing 92-year Old HRBRRD:   The Times Union on May 21, 2014 reported on the attempt of the Five Capital Region counties who "have made no attempt to mask their distaste for millions of dollars they pay to help bankroll Hudson River flood-control efforts."  See TIMES UNION.

FREE Boater Safety Classes:  The GSLA has announced FREE boater safety classes for members which will be held on June 7, 2014 (Mayfield); June 28, 2014 (Day Town Hall) and July 12, 2014 (Mayfield).  Space is currently available at all sessions.  Members are placed on a priority list for the approved slots.  Non-GSLA members will be placed on a 'stand-by' list or may join the GSLA to be placed on the priority list.  See Membership Options.

NYS SAFE BOATING:  Class dates and locations have been forwarded to members of the GSLA by GSLA e-burst.  A follow-up newsletter will be mailed shortly to advise members with limited access to e-mail.  Members interested in securing seats at the boater safety classes are advised to communicate with the GSLA by email or telephone at their earliest convenience.

GSLA President Requests More Frequent NEWS RELEASES from Regulating District:  GSLA President Peter Byron used the public comment period in the last Hudson River-Black River Regulating District meeting to request that the Regulating District increase their 'public relations posture' on the lake.  He requested that the District provide more frequent press releases with information on the water level and other District activities. 

Northville Rotary Club Presentation:  An invitation has been extended to Northville and Northampton Club, Business and Community Members to attend a meeting to discuss: "NYS Mohawk Valley Tech Initiative and What it Can Mean for Northville and Northampton" on May 22, 6 p.m. at the Sport Island Pub.  Presentation by Mark Kilmer, FM Regional Chamber of Commerce President, and Wally Hart, Division Director for Community and Business Development at the Lexington Center.  Questions can be addressed to Janet Meuwissen, Northville Rotary Club President (

GSLA Boater Safety Courses:  Sites have been secured around the lake for three boater safety classes to be held in June and July.  Members will be advised when site and date approval is received from the State.  Members will receive notice by e-burst and through written publication.  Remember, a GSLA family membership or higher provides places you and your family on the priority list.

GSLA Initiatives:  The GSLA has funded a continuation of the water quality sampling conducted annually by the Darrin Freshwater Institute.  This spring, GSLA members donated $855 to the Great Sacandaga Lake Fisheries Federation, Inc..  The GSLA also awarded four citizenship awards to lake community high school seniors and joined with the Great Sacandaga Lake Association Advisory Council in approving a continuation of the successful lake steward program which provides information to boaters on how to eliminate invasive species from their boats.  We thank our members for investing in the lake community! 

Fish Stocking: The latest report on DEC stocking.  On May 5, 2014, a total of 1670 brown trout were stocked in Sand Creek, Paul Creek and Daley Creek.  On May 5, 2014, 9,400 rainbow trout were stocked at Northville Boat Launch and on May 7, 2014, 5,000 rainbow trout were stocked at Northville Boat Launch.  Congrats to all who assisted in the process!

GSLA e-application UPDATE:  The GSLA thanks all the new and renewing members who used our PayPal application system.  We are glad that the new option has turned out to be such a success.  It is easy to become a member of the GSLA.  Tell your neighbors, friends and relatives.  Support your lake association's efforts in boater safety, water quality and water level alerts!  See BROCHURE and share with your friends, neighbors and relatives! 

SACANDAGA PROTECTION COMMITEE FUNDRAISER:  The Sacandaga Protection Committee has announced their summer fundraiser.  The third annual event features a cash bar and buffet on June 8, 2014 at Lanzi's on the Lake from 1-5 p.m.  See FUNDRAISER.

GSLA ALERTS MEMBERS OF RISING WATERS:  The GSLA issued an exclusive e-burst to members on April 26, 2014 reminding members to take precautions because of rising waters in the Great Sacandaga.  The e-burst system is an exclusive system available to members who provide email addresses. 

GSLA INTRODUCES 'GREET A NEIGHBOR' PROGRAM:  The GSLA asks its members to share GSLA application information with friends, neighbors and family.  Membership materials will be sent by e-burst to be shared by email with friends, neighbors and family.  Step up and make the lake community stronger by inviting others to join the GSLA!

GSLA REMINDS MEMBERS TO RENEW MEMBERSHIP AND QUALIFY FOR FREE BOATER SAFETY CLASSES:  Take a look at the new NYS Boater Safety regulations.  If you need a class, are a GSLA member and want to save $50 per person, you might want to drop a line to the GSLA!  The class schedule and class location for GSLA classes will be distributed to members-only .... this in an exclusive benefit .... Remember, our yearly family membership is $25!

BURGLARY SUSPECT TO APPEAR IN EDINBURG COURT:  A burglary suspect from Gloversville will appear in Edinburg Court to respond to charges of break-ins in Edinburg and the Town of Broadalbin.

REPORTED BREAK-INS ON THE GREAT SACANDAGA:  There have been reports of break-ins on seasonal homes around the Great Sacandaga.  Property owners are recommended to have someone check on their property during the winter for both break-ins as well as for wind and storm damage. 

GSLA SEEKS VOLUNTEERS TO TEACH A NYS BOATER SAFETY COURSE:  The Association anticipates increased demand for the NYS Boater Safety Course in the 2014 Boating Season because of the implementation of the New Boater Safety Law (see below).  Individuals will previous teaching experience and interest in volunteering to teach are asked to email the Association.  See VOLUNTEERS.

GOVERNOR SIGNS NEW BOATER SAFETY LAW:  Governor Andrew Cuomo released a press statement on the implementation date and extent of the new law.  See NEW LAW.

ANNUAL GSLA MEMBERSHIP MEETING:  Minutes for the Annual Membership meeting on August 16, 2013 are available at GSLA Comments.

2013 WATER QUALITY STUDY (FIRST AND SECOND INTERIM REPORTS):  The second and final interim report results have been received by the GSLA and are posted under GSLA Reports.  The 2013 Water Quality Study indicated that all sites tested fell within acceptable recreational levels.

A copy of the reports are available by request through e-mail to   ___________________________________________________________________________________



The Great Sacandaga is a man-made reservoir providing recreational opportunities to residents and visitors alike in all four seasons of the year.

The Great Sacandaga Lake is a 29 mile long reservoir with 125 miles of shoreline and a total capacity of 37.75 billion cubic feet located in Saratoga and Fulton Counties in New York State.  The lake was completed in the early 1930's and benefited commercial, electrical utilities and flood control interests.  Waters released from the Conklingville Dam continue through the Sacandaga River until meeting the Hudson River and eventually the Atlantic Ocean at New York City.  Towns on the lake include Mayfield and Broadalbin in the South and Northville, Edinburg and Day in the North.  The lake is protected by the Adirondack Park Agency and the Hudson River-Black River Regulating District.

Edinburg Channel

Since the 1930's, the Great Sacandaga Lake has evolved into a four season recreational destination for residents of the North East. The lake is home for Northhampton State Park operated by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation and public boat launches as well as marinas.  Lake activities include golfing, camping, fishing, motor and sailboating, water skiing, ice fishing, snowmobiling and cross-country skiing.

The Great Sacandaga Lake Association (GSLA) extends a warm welcome to all visitors to the Great Sacandaga regardless of the season!  The GSLA appreciates the membership support which allows the Association to on its members' behalf to preserve the beauty of our gateway to the Adirondacks.


Stop Invasives on the Sacandaga


The Great Sacandaga Lake community welcomes everyone EXCEPT invasive species!  If you are visiting our lake and bringing a boat, please ensure that you are not transporting aquatic plants or animals on your boat, trailer or in a holding tank.  We thank you for your assistance in maintaining the quality of water in our lake.